The Fractal Advantage

Do Fractals Work? Show Me They are Better!

Fractal Antenna Systems,Inc. (“FRACTAL”) uses fractal geometry in antennas and electronics because it works; works well; and allows us to pose a value proposition to our customers that is uniquely advantageous. Fractal geometry allows us, with our proprietary patents and unique experience as pioneers and technology advancers, to have a special and incredibly versatile tool that makes smaller, wider band/multiband, better performing antennas and electronics. That comprises research, development, and application in basic electronics fields of antennas, metamaterials, and filters, among others. In many cases our technology is enabling, allowing new uses that could not be done practically before.

 Over two thousand  research publications, over 22 years, have detailed fractals in antennas and electronics, and independently validated their advantages and importance. There is a continuingly growing, exciting, and large body of researchers and students—in the thousands-- detailing these advantages of fractals, from all continents save Antarctica. Although all the key attributes have been reported first by our FRACTAL scientists from publications dating to 1995, it is humbling and important to have these totally independent corroborations, on technology we own and offer to our customers. Here, we present an amusing video that makes the point. Enjoy!








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