Fractal antennas provide low-cost performance enhancements for today’s RFID applications.

Fractal Antenna Systems provides a compact, low-cost solution for a multitude of RFID applications. Because fractal antennas are small and versatile, they are ideal for creating more compact RFID equipment — both tags and readers. The compact size ultimately leads to lower cost equipment, without compromising power or read range.


The small size and versatility of fractal antennas translates to a variety of design opportunities for both active and passive RFID labels and tags, including Electronic Product Code (EPC) technology. Fractal antennas offer the lowest-cost approach to maximizing tag performance.

RFID Readers

Fractal antenna technology is also used for enhancing handheld RFID readers. Fractal antennas are considerably smaller than conventional antennas, creating the opportunity for more convenient readers with comparable read range.

Fractal Antenna Systems works with your company to create customized RFID applications, or will license antenna designs for manufacture.

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